My Dear Friend Brutus Will Forever Be Walking With Me Wherever I May Step

After 10 long years I finally went back and got more ink done. This time I decided to get a portrait of my dearest friend and loyal supporter, Brutus. I couldn’t think of a better tattoo to immortalize than him. I chose the leg as the placement to symbolize wherever I may walk, he is with me.

I want to thank the entire crew at @comes_a_time_studio and especially my artist @flashxsmith for the amazing hospitality from conception through execution.

Though I must admit @aka_mick was spot on. The day felt like a “swarm of bees in heat stinging my leg.” He didn’t set me up for failure or over exaggerate with that analogy. 🐝 😂

Overall, it was a little under 5 hours to complete taking 1 quick break so we could eat.

In the end, I couldn’t be happier and I know when the day comes that Brutus is no longer physically by my side, he’ll still be with me, walking wherever I may step.

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