The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Despite having FB, IG and Twitter along with many other platforms to use as a personal soapbox, I’ve added a website as another communication medium. I guess I like to complicate things even further.

Given the many business related websites I am responsible for, I decided why don’t I create one just for all things Jason. Why not, right? I also decided that my future posts can be posted and shared from a central location. The main perk is the analytics provided by a stand-alone website. In comparison, the majority of social media platforms don’t really provide much.

The website is I chose this domain because all of my handles on social media platforms and others is @FT_Hustler. Thus to keep some sort of “brand” in mind, I chose this one. The joker/jester-like logo is because I have two rather colorful jester tattoos on my right forearm. Given I was called the Joker while deployed, I have one tattoo representing each deployment. So for those that have met me and seen my arm, it is something they will quickly identify as being unique to me.

*** Don’t ask why I was called a joker because I do not know. I really never asked because nicknames are something you don’t really get to choose. Just know I have never seen any Batman movie and doubt the joker in the series is the premise and inception of my name. Though from what I’ve heard about the character, I like him.

Though I am a fan of the website builder Wix, this go around I used WordPress given they are the blog experts. Well, I ended up buying the wrong package and only discovered I couldn’t do what I wanted (add plug-ins) with the package I bought. The names of the packages along with what you get is a little confusing (well-played WordPress).

Anyways, I’d appreciate you checking the site out if you’re so inclined. It’s brand new, so don’t judge too hard. For myself as well as the viewer, the site will advance over time. So stay tuned!

Thanks for joining me!