Opinion: ‘Puff Puff Pass’ or Just Pass: Your Call or the Government’s?

To those who partook in celebrating today’s festivities, don’t let the lowly prude-snowflake kill your high. Smoking a 7-leafed plant doesn’t make you a bad person just like going to church doesn’t make you a good person.

The truth is we all do something that helps us pass the time and make us happy. And the “you’re wasting your money” excuse is bs. People waste money on unnecessary clothes, food, video games, etc. everyday. So don’t let an idiot’s authoritarian hypocrisies be your judge and ruler.

My advice to addressing all the static generated by the feeble minded is to as they say in the 420 friendly community, “Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit.”

Besides, to make marijuana against the law is like saying God made a mistake. If God did indeed make a mistake, I still wouldn’t trust our government with the solution given their atrocious track record at managing anything under their purview. If you put the US government in charge of the Sahara desert, there’d be a shortage of sand in 5 years.

According to the government’s wisdom, it’s legal to eat genetically modified chemically infused concoctions… but not marijuana. It’s legal to take pharmaceuticals with deadly side effects… but not marijuana despite not a single record of anyone in the history of the globe overdosing from this plant.

With that stated logic (or lack thereof), I’m of the mind that no where in the constitution does it give the right to government to legislate morality… especially given our government’s morals are suspect at best. The decision to smoke or not to smoke is simply one they they don’t get a say in the matter.

To those who’s response to everything that is wrong with the world is to say, “There ought to be a law,” are the ones who hold freedom very cheap.

The late Nobel Laureate Dr Milton Friedman was extremely accurate in his views on the roles of government where he stated:

When government — in pursuit of good intentions tries to rearrange the economy, legislate morality, or help special interests, the costs come at inefficiency, lack of motivation, and loss of freedom. Government should be a referee, not an active player.

Dr. Militon Friedman, Nobel Laureate

Thanks for listening to the soapbox diaries of the self-described FT Hustler. Be sure to stay tuned for more savagery and shenanigans. 🤖