Old vs New vs Old the Marine Corps Way

Keys to Readiness 🔑

  • Focus in your team’s family and mental readiness
  • Partnership with U.S. Navy is vital
  • Everyone is important
  • The individual is key to unit success
  • It’s not just a continent threat, it’s a world-wide threat
  • The up-tempo the Marine Corps is not going to stop
  • The biggest asset we have is the individual Marine

People always like to criticize the new generation. Well the way I see it the new generation is a good generation. They have always answered the call of duty and there’s plenty of examples here you can read all over the newspapers all the great things these young men and women are doing. So my closing remark is, we have a good Marine Corps.

Sgt. Maj. Octaviano Gallegos, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade

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