Opinion: Snowflakes, Extremism and Impeaching President Trump

Al Green said ‘If we don’t impeach, I fear he’ll win in 2020.’ Think about that… he’s suggesting impeach the POTUS because his party possibly can’t beat the sitting president in an election that’s yet to happen. That’s a ludicrous notion with a premise that as provided isn’t strong enough to support play dough, let alone impeach the seated President.

The facts to-date indicate two things:

1) The President won… which implies that helluva a lot of people wanted him as leader of the free world given the notion of any elected position implies you’re not appointed or can put yourself there.

2) There are those among us who would rather continue perpetuating the evils which run rampant through our nation’s capital and spread hate and discontent rather than working towards any positive change for the collective (the U.S. consists of many of both major parties) because it requires you to collaborate with another person who identifies with a different political affiliation (in this case, the winning party). 😲

Listen up all ye of the self-described progressive liberal tribe, take it from someone who despite what you might have assumed by the start of this message, does not identify as a Republican and rather chooses to be identified as what I describe as a “bleeding heart Libertarian.” Despite whatever that decision may imply to you, objectively what it means is I am experienced at my chosen candidate losing and coming to terms with having to get my head out of my ass thinking the world revolves around me and learn to work with those of other affiliations in power.

No. It’s not easy by no means. My lip has been surgically reattached multiple times because I was biting it so hard I ended up biting it completely off. There are also times when the tyrannical natures inherent to both of the two major parties interject themselves into my life. Do I comply? Given I’m not writing this from inside of a prison, the obvious answer is yes. Yes, sometimes I do some things that I don’t want to only because of some government leaders you fools and sheep elected to power decided they can run my life better than I can. It’s never easy. Yet for my overall well being and that of those I care about, I suck it up and remember this too shall pass.

Your party has contributed more effort to what is nothing short of spreading hate and discontent than anything that can be construed as a positive for the overall citizenry. Though I’m sure you have good intentions and do in fact do good things, please accept that for the time being, it’s not your show. If you’re that upset then your time to do something is at the polls in the next election. But the large majority of what I see coming from the leaders you elected is nothing short of madness, arguably psychotic, and in some cases even arguably terrorist-like (when it comes as causing harm to the institution and body which granted you the freedom to express the scope of your outlandish and radical views which only reflect a small minority at best).

In the meantime, I suggest getting on the calendar of your local psychiatrist and getting a script of Xanax or given you don’t get that particular label on the first go, something similar. Trust me, it’ll help calm the deep seated anger you have which has manifested itself into outward expressions. Tell the Dr you’re a friend of mine and they’ll likely give you a friends and family discount.

Prior to your appointment and for every day you have to endure remaining compliant to that which fuels your anger, may you find peace, understanding and wisdom in the good book’s counsel:

I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born, says the Lord.

Isaiah 66:9 (NCV)

If you’re not a subscriber to the flavor which the good book is served, I pray you are able to find some other means to cease your discontent and anger from being your driving force. I’m positive the medical professional can shed more tangible insights into how that’s done than I can but find out how to move forward and be a decent person while doing it nonetheless.

An objective 3rd party observer