ProQuant Review: Be Your Own Hedge Fund

“ProQuant lets anyone build and follow automated trading strategies for stocks, forex and cryptos via an easy to use mobile app. It combines complex algorithms, powerful cloud computing and simple user interface to make algorithmic trading accessible to anyone, not just the big Wall Str. players.”


I advise all who have an interest in finance, technology and artificial technology to check out this ProQuant. With this tool you can build and run FOREX, stock and crypto trading strategies from your smartphone. According to ProQuant’s website…

Being intimate with all of the mentioned fields both personally and professionally, I’ve seen many so called cutting-edge innovations which proved to be nothing more than another version of the same hamster wheel.

ProQuant is not one of them!

I’ve concluded one not necessarily need to reinvent the wheel, but rather just simply realign it. That’s exactly what we have here. Artificial intelligence applications in the world of finance and trading bots are no new phenomena.

You are in control of setting the parameters and this tool has more controls than any other. Once you set the guidelines and draft the rules, the AI goes off and does it thing like all AI and pulls from all data available to it and then finds the best method of achieving these goals you gave it.

As in the case of any AI and the analysis of big data, the data being pulled from is of such magnitude that it’d take us humans way longer than just seconds or minutes to collect and cipher the same amount as the AI.

In the end I only make any investment under the premise of wanting to produce a return. For me that return is monetary profit and I prefer to be efficient. Thus if there is a tool which helps me achieve this goal better than I could on my own, I want to know about it.


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