Don’t Confuse Education With Intelligence

Just because someone gets an “A” in a class or is in Barrett, the Honors College, it doesn’t define intelligence. Similarly, someone who gets a “D” in a class is not necessarily unintelligent, as there are other factors that play into grades.

Take Bill Gates for example, a very wealthy and successful man who dropped out of Harvard University two years into his degree and later became the co-founder of Microsoft. He is intelligent, and yet he did not have a college degree when he started his company.

If people spent the same amount of time working to ensure they retain important information as they did pulling all-nighters to cram for finals, they could become more successful in others ways which grades don’t measure. Students should focus on developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills rather than simply memorizing information for a test.

A transcript only shows a student’s motivation, dedication and work ethic — not their personality, humor, work or life experiences.

While grades still matter and students should strive to get a 4.0, we need to stop weighing our intelligence through grades and instead recognize that intelligence comes in all forms..

Credits: @the.devils.desire