Remembering Those Who Are Unable To be With Their Loved Ones

I vividly remember when I was deployed overseas fighting against those who wish harm to our nation, that often times what service members struggle with the most isn’t always the brutality and horrors of combat because to a degree we’ve all been somewhat expecting to be deployed ever since the moment we raised our right hand and took an oath to defend this great nation, its citizenry and our way of life.

Rather it’s days like today, Father’s Day, and many other causes for celebration which bring families together which cause a deep sense of grief and sadness.

Though it’s in these moments and thoughts that lead and enable our many service members who are in harm’s way to remember why they are where they are and what they are fighting for.

“A soldier doesn’t fight because he hates what is in front of him, he fights because he loves what he left behind.”

May we all take a moment to reflect and give thanks for our many brave men and women who are unable to be with their families today. Honor the many sacrifices they continually make in order for all to continue and enjoy living in the land of the free instead of suffering from the evils of tyranny.

To all who risk an amount up to and including their life, I pray to He who judges supreme to watch over each and every one of our brave warriors and to protect them so that they may one day return safely to the loving arms of their friends and family.

#HonorThem #USMilitary #LestWeForget #FreedomIsNotFree

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