“Let’s Talk About People Who Hate On Millennials”

How are you gonna hate on an entire generation? You might want to look at a mirror and ensure your s*** don’t stink. The reality is that for most of what you’re complaining about, your generation’s snowflake-like parental skills lies as the foundation to the problem. #KeepIt100

Has it ever occured to you that the mindset you’ve collectively created with having 8th place and participation trophies has something to do with the often cited mantra that millennials have a sense of entitlement? Or maybe it’s the belief that the majority should conform to an overly sensitive minority’s feelings which has led us to think “political correctness” is actually important. Just food for thought. Take that and noodle it a bit and let me know what you come up with.

Going further, the whole acknowledgment that our elected leaders are simply “voting for the lesser evil” is a direct byproduct of preceeding generation’s pansy-like blind faith and ignorance in government. The whole notion of mindlessly voting for someone simply because they have a particular letter of the alphabet next to their name baffles me. You mean to tell me you’re willing to let someone else pick who you vote for and cast a vote granting extreme powers to someone without knowing the views and proposed solutions and how exactly they plan to execute (and pay for) said solutions? Get out of here with that s***.

Now let me take a stab at you baby boomers. Yeah, I’m talking to you grandpas and grandmas. You cite “Woe is me” yet the data is clear that your generation has collected more wealth than any group of people in the history of the world. Why you crying?

My point is this, no generation is spotless. So take your nay saying bs elsewhere. We all have faults needing attention (on a personal and generational level). If we continually bicker among ourselves, it’s simply going to be the same ole same ole. Who wins? (Hint: It’s not “We the people.”)

It’s time more people start reflecting and internalizing that we are all in this together. Suck it up buttercup, my existence in this life happens to cross paths with yours. So either sit with your diapers crying and shitting on yourself (methaphorically and possibly literally) or suck it up and pull your weight so that we all may leave this world one day better off than when we found it.

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