Don’t Start A Business For The Wrong Reasons

“I Just Quit My 9-5 Job To Be My Own Boss”, that’s probably the one thing you hear repeatedly, but let’s be honest – Starting your own business is GREAT but does it make you Boss-less?

If you’re planning to start a business because you want to be your own Boss you probably need to have a rethink because nobody is their own boss really.

Just because you don’t have a boss in a traditional sense doesn’t mean you won’t have anyone to report to; everyone has someone they report to.

If you’re a solopreneur or a startup owner, your business becomes your boss, and controls you; your customers/clients are your boss, your investors/partners are your boss and infact, you have many bosses to report to that reporting to just one person seems like a leisurely stroll through a silent lake park.

And you will quickly realize that instead of working 8hrs a day, you are working 20hrs a day; everyday, including weekend and you could barely sleep at night because you’re worried about the future of your business.

Hard truth is that your social circle will be gone, your family will see you less and it would take a toll on your health; and that is just the beginning.

Working for yourself can be very rewarding, financially and personally, when it’s successful, and very expensive and painful when it’s not.

So don’t be too quick to quit your day job to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams if your ultimate goal is to become your own boss.

However, if you are planning to start a business for good reasons, then BE READY TO MAKE SACRIFICES. The moment you start a business, it must be your number one priority if you want to be successful.

IDENTIFY your STRENGTHS and put them to work. Leverage other people’s time and efforts so you can focus on your strength.

Be prepared for things to go wrong because they will, and there will lots of bumps along the way but don’t fail to adapt to the new found reality (good or bad). Stay hungry, follow your dreams, FAIL Early, Fast and Adapt quickly.

Good Luck Everyday!
Source: @IAMOSEGHALE <– Be sure to check him out!