I’ve Never Met A Strong Person With An Easy Past

I would rather learn from someone who had things rough in the beginning than a person who had never experienced struggle and is living the good life.⁣

Why? Because life is a struggle. And with struggle, comes lessons. And with lessons, a better life for you and your family. Life, to me, is a constant pursuit of becoming a better version of yourself.⁣

That’s why we admire people that started from the bottom and came out winning at the top. We can relate more to their story and aspire to become what they have become than with someone who had it all good from the very beginning. It’s all about relevancy. ⁣

If you think that your situation today isn’t good. That’s okay. You can think of it this way – You have a good story to tell people about how you succeeded in life. A rags to riches story is far more valuable than a riches to riches story. Think about that! TAG someone who needs to see this! 

Photo by @zedsly 

Caption by @thebossfiles

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