Why Do We Learn From Failure And Not From Success?

I’m sure you have heard the ever-cited quote “We learn from failure, not from success,” by Bram Stoker.

Why is that?

That is a question someone asked on the ever popular platform Quora seen here. The answer provided by Dan Hensley sheds some insight into why this is and what it means. Dan states:

Success is teaching us how to learn from failure. Failure teaches us how to appreciate success.

These two elements are interwoven into one another and would be an incomplete puzzle if one piece is missing.

It’s essential to realize the importance of practicing gratitude. The root of appreciation stems from pain, displeasure, unease, ETC. It grows from adverse situations.

Humans aren’t thankful for anything until it’s been tested. You don’t even notice good health until you’ve been sick. You don’t even think of your liver until it starts acting up. You’ll never be grateful for feeling good until you’ve felt terrible.

The more failures you have, the more you can learn from and appreciate the successes. Without failure, one would not even know success existed.

The reality is failure is a part of life, as well as success. As Dan points out in the last statement, there is no success without failure because the later teaches and makes us aware to the first.

Newton’s third law teaches us “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” We can (loosely) apply that here in that we only appreciate success to the same degree in which you understand the depths of failure.

The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow.

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