GROW Up and Earn It!!! #BigGovSucks 💯

Listen up all ye snowflakes of the socialist lovin’ tribe who are out here today filling the social media feeds with your re-energized chest pounding commentary after the recent public display of your candidates’ ignorance…

1.) “Free” does not mean free. *

** Refer to the Nobel Laureate in Economics Dr. Milton Friedman’s famous quote “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

2.) You are not entitled to someone else’s hard-earned money… ever!

3.) You can not tax a nation into prosperity.

4.) The rich are not responsible for your financial situation… you are!

5.) Socialism leads to communism… always!

Asking how you’re going to pay for most if not all of your party’s grand gestures sheds light into the depth of your tyrannical nature.

More often than not, you’ll cite that you’ll simply take the money from someone else (the “rich” for example) without batting an eye at just how blasphemous and evil that truly is. Your comfort with the use of force to support you’re arguably shitty premises is baffling.

I was raised, religion aside, that “Thou shalt not steal” should be one of life’s guiding principles. Your party’s comfort with the use of force has me wondering what your definition of “theft” even is, or if you even have one.

Images compliments of Turning Point USA 🇺🇸

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