Choose Your Lady Wisely. She Represents You.

As of tonight, it’s been a decade since I met my life’s partner in crime. It’s true, time sure does fly by when you’re having fun. ⏰

Our story is kinda random circumstance. I was in service and based at Marine Barracks 8th & I Washington, D.C. That particular Saturday I wasn’t suppose to be working… all NCOs (corporals and sergeants) had been given the weekend off by higher up for something we must have done earlier.

Why did I have to work then?

Per usual, my mouth had written a check my ass couldn’t cash. Earlier I had challenged then Staff Sergeant Baron Mcqueen that he couldn’t beat me and the Patriots in a game of Madden. I went further and risked my weekend’s freedom and offered to take duty the entire weekend if I lost.

Btw, challenging staff nco’s to a seemingly friendly game may sound nonchalant to most, but in the Corps, you don’t openly challenge a senior leader at pretty much any point in time. Especially if said challenge can ever be construed by others as being condescending or worse, disrespectful, in any fashion.

Luckily for me in this case, SSgt McQueen had extra thick skin and was in good spirits that day. The fact that his biceps alone were the size of my head with both legs attached most likely contributed to why he didn’t take offense to some stick figure running his suck. Besides, if I did cross a line he could have easily taken me to a place off the maps that Google doesn’t even know exist and let the one-sided smackdown commence.

Unfortunately, unlike the real life Patriots when it came game time, I lost.

Therefore on Saturday evening 10 years ago, instead of going out and doing whatever it was Marines do with their liberty time, I was putting the uniform on and escorting the color guard to some annual high to-do event hosted by Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

I knew absolutely nothing about the event and even less about DAR.

So the event comes around and I get the FNGs who are on the color guard detail there safely and they performed their part with extreme precision and tact. Well DAR has a high-end dinner after the color guard presents the colors followed by some high ranking dignitary guest speaker.

This particular evening, they had reserved all of us crayon eating Jarheads a seat at the back table for us to join in the dinner and listen to the program.

Well me being all wise, I saw a pocket book sitting at the table they had reserved and thought to myself, “Pocketbook means there’s a female sitting there so I’ll sit next to it.” Now I’m like duh Jason, DAR is ALL women so of course there’s a pocketbook sitting there whose owner happens to have dual x-chromosomes.

Anyways, shortly after taking my seat. This stunning and classically beautiful specimen comes and retrieves her pocketbook and takes her seat next to me. Later that night, I learned said specimen went by the callsign Rebecca. Rebecca was from Long Beach, CA (I’m from the sticks of NC), an award winning figure skater growing up, and by far the most intelligent human being I’d encountered to-date.

If I told you I didn’t know then I’d be writing this message right now 10 years later, I’d be lying. After the night’s event ended and I returned to the barracks to continue sitting duty, I told those Marines who would listen that I just met my future wife. Those exact words. Something about that whole law of attraction thing and whatever you tell the universe, it listens and responds accordingly.

As the song with 115 million YouTube views “Born to be Yours” by Imagine Dragons states, I was born to be Rebecca’s forever +1.

Though oddly enough, for anyone that knows us knows I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say in the 10 years since, we might have 5 things in common naturally… probably half that.

Everything, and I do mean that in all seriousness, is a complete compromise.

Like all, we’ve had some really great highs and some intense lows. Truth be told, I’ve plotted her murder a few times and enjoyed doing so. If it weren’t for the dogs who’d slay me alive if harm ever came their mom’s way plus I don’t know how to fold laundry or adequately shop for real food longer than 2 days, I might have even carried the plans out. Who knows?

Yet despite the day’s events, she’s still there by my side come morning just as she was sitting by my side the night we met.

In conclusion I’ll say loyalty is extremely rare, now more than ever. If you’re fortunate enough to find it, hold on to that shit with all your might and as if life itself depended on it. Because it does. That’s all I’m trying to do at least.

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