Day: July 2, 2019

Bitcoin and Crypto has Threatened the Government All Over the World.

In a recent interview, the New York Times bestselling author of The Accidental Billionaires, Ben Mezrich said the Cryptos are challenging the World Government as they can’t Regulate them. Referencing Facebook’s recently announced stable currency, dubbed ‘Libra’, he said “This is terrifying for governments more than for banks. This is […]

Learn to Code Ethereum dApps by Building Your Own Game

Introducing CryptoZombies! CryptoZombies is an interactive code school that teaches you to write smart contracts in Solidity through building your own crypto-collectables game. What is CryptoZombies CryptoZombies is a free, interactive code school that teaches you to build games on Ethereum. The course is designed for beginners to Solidity and […]