Before the truth can set you free, you need to recognize which ‘False Belief’ is holding you hostage.

You can’t convince someone of something that they may not be capable of understanding…..yet. •

Truths can send us into a bit of tizzy. We don’t want to believe we’ve been fooled for so long. I believe it’s why we hold on to beliefs for so long. Something was told to us for the first time so therefore it must be true. It’s safe. Even if we see it with our own eyes we dismiss it as imagination or a good explanation could come out of it.

Once you know the truth you can’t unknow it. The mind, body, and spirit need time to process the information. Aside from cognitive dissonance one might feel angry, depressed, shock, disbelief, or a sense of relief. Once you move past the array of emotions the enlightenment feels fantastic!

What have you been told that was once your truth but then you found out it’s not the truth? Man made? Harmful? Lied to? Convinced? Made to feel a fool?

Credits: @thespirituallifestylist