An Open Letter to Elected Representatives Regarding Blockchain

An open letter to all elected leaders of this great nation which spawned from me sharing my previous article on Facebook. When I shared the referenced article, this is what I wrote:

Dear U.S. Congress and All Elected Leaders therein,

When are you going to stop pissing down our backs and telling us its raining? Why do you feel such the need to:

1) Have such controls over issues that otherwise don’t affect you?

2) Get your over-sized portion of ALL proceeds 6 ways from Sunday with things you did very little for, if anything?

I could go on but I’ll refrain for now. I’ll simply conclude that when it comes to blockchain technology, get the fuck out of the way. It’s here to stay.

If you think cryptocurrencies are a thing, just you wait until the innovators really get going. The finance industry is just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t believe me, look at basically every other country who is embracing innovation and getting out of the way and letting the innovators do what innovators do.

Such countries even include our communist lovin’ friends in China and Russia who arguably are vastly less controlling in regards to blockchain technology than you’ve remotely came close to being to-date. Why are you causing all the major exchanges to completely ban U.S. citizens from making a decision for themselves?

I understand with people like nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and the Fed Reserve chirping in your ear, you might be a little jaded. Yet if you remove all the tyrannical undertones you’d quickly discover that blockchain offers some of the most advanced solutions to many of the toughest challenges facing humankind.

Though I suspect you already know that. According to public record, many high-tech blockchain enterprises have pitched directly to you solutions for many of these problems and what did you do? You not only denied their proposal, you chose to continue excessively funding outdated models that don’t work as well as muddied the water even further for the entire industry and made it more difficult for new entrants to enter into the market.

I dare say crony-capitalism and a poor attempt at it at best. We the people may be commoners, but we aren’t blind.

What gives?

Is the innovation unravelling too fast for ya? Or is it you don’t like the immutability, transparency, distributed and decentralized architecture of blockchain and rather prefer your old solutions made behind closed doors which are plagued with greed, corruption and evils which even Satan is left in shock… what is it?

Call crypto “securities” if you must so you can get your fat fingers paid for if that’s your will. Just get the fuck out of the way and get back in the passenger seat where you belong.

I love my country and I bleed freedom. Yet that sentiment does not extend to the human-types which say “I’m here from the government and I’m here to help.” (I’ve had one too many conversations with Native Americans for that.)

In other news, what exchanges are y’all who’ve read this far using? I’m asking for myself.

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