Pseudo-Capitalism: You’re free to do as you wish so long as the government gets a (rather significant) cut of your proceeds.

My response to the article which first appeared on Bitcoin Exchange Guide titled, “Crypto Exchanges Still Stay Clear of the US, Industry Figures Hoping for a Change to Avoid Setbacks.

Picture this… innovation unraveling so fast that an entire country is banned from partaking in the innovations bc their government and its oversight is so confusing and downright harmful to the innovators.

Going further, imagine our long-time enemy who recite the tyrannical communist manifesto not being the ones who are censored? To be clear, it’s not a Chinese or Russian citizen who is being barred from using the services the new age brings. Rather its the “Land of the free” and its citizenry who by default to their geographic location and those who claim to be its elected leaders, are being restricted from even getting the freedom to choose for themselves whether they want to be an active player or not in the innovations of the day.

No other government is so fubar that the innovators and executives of said innovations don’t have the time nor resources to even address making their innovations available to us. Thus leaving the majority of the cryptocurrency exchanges (place where you buy/sell crypto) to outright BAN all U.S. customers.

Come on, really?

So it’s nothing I did but rather the greedy government and its plethora of conflicting laws which make you want to restrict the wealthiest citizenry from even being a client? When are we gonna wake up and tell our own government to get the fuck out of our way?

Under the government’s ratchet control, we’re being left in the dust by other countries in pretty much every chart that matters. When are we going to wake up and actually drain the damn swamp (as it’s been dubbed)?

It’s about more than just crypto. Far more.

If the U.S. government could easily get their greedy little hands on the market and blanket crypto as “securities” then we’d be the first to market. Though the incentives wouldn’t be the same given the steep cuts Uncle Sam wants in exchange for per usual, doing very little tangibly speaking. All Uncle Sam usually provides as a defense is s/he facilitated the environment in which allowed the transaction to take place. Well maybe that works most of the time, but as for blockchain and subsequently cryptocurrency, that’s simply not the case.

Therefore instead of creating an environment in which the consumer can decide for themselves, they’ve just ignored the larger problem (their tyrannical and greedy nature) and left us U.S. consumers fighting for scraps behind the scenes.

I love my country to my core and yet I’m so deeply embarrassed of my government (as we know of it in the modern era).

Despite there being potential bills that would impact the industry in a positive way, such as the U.S. Virtual Currency Market and Regulatory Competitiveness Act and the Blockchain Promotion Act, nothing is going to change until the U.S. makes a move.

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