Review and Trailer for HBO’s ‘Taking Chance’

I’m always humbled to see the movie “Taking Chance” come on the feeds around these patriotic times. The movie originally appeared on HBO in Feb of 2009.

The movie is about portraying a rather a simple premise. That’s the journey home for our fallen comrades. The characters are a Lt. Colonel (Kevin Bacon) who for whatever reason hadn’t seen combat at the time and a fallen PFC from an area he knew back home. Thus the Lt. Col. volunteered to escort our departed comrade to his final resting place.

Unlike many stories out of Hollywood, the movies add more flare and pop than needed and all too often are more fictitious than any reality. That isn’t the case here. HBO, the producers, actor Kevin Bacon and all involved did a terrific job at sticking to the script and simply documenting the events as they so often unfold.

Needless to say, despite our many differences which make us such a great country, we are a #GratefulNation.

*** Hard or soft, grab a box of kleenex… you can thank me later.

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