Life Is Not Complicated — People Are

We live in a computerized age where everything is about algorithms and formulas, but people are so much more complex than any machine or any computer. You can’t begin to calculate the kinds of reactions you can get. Every person is so different and complicated and we tend to simplify them. We simplify human behavior.

We think of everything going back to a single cause — they did this because of that. When we look at our own behavior, we’re quite willing to say, ‘oh, I acted badly because of circumstances that forced me to.’ But we don’t give that to other people. We tend to just say that they’re a bad person.

We turn people into cartoons or caricatures, but everybody comes from an extremely unique place in life. If you add in all the variables — they were born in a particular moment in history, in a particular social class with particular parents who have their own weirdness from their own parents and then they meet all of these people who have an effect upon them.

No two people are the same.

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