The Augmented Age: Our Next Great Era as a Species

Over the course of the next 20 years, more will change around the way we do our work than has happened in the last 2,000.

In fact, I believe we are at the dawn of a new age in human history. There have been four major historical eras defined by the way we work.

• Hunter/Gatherer Age – lasted several million years
• Agricultural Age – lasted several thousand years
• Industrial Age – lasted a couple of centuries
• Information Age (Current) – lasted a few decades

And now today, we are on the cusp of our next great era as a species.

Welcome to the Augmented Age.

In this new era, your natural human capabilities are going to be augmented by computational systems that help you THINK, robotic systems that help you MAKE, and digital nervous systems that CONNECT you to the world far beyond your natural senses.

I think we are going to see a world moving from things that are…

• Fabricated to Farmed
• Constructed to Grown
• Isolated to Connected
• Extraction to Aggregation
• Obedience to Autonomy

Thanks to our augmented capabilities, our world is going to change dramatically. We are going to have a world with more VARIETY, more CONNECTEDNESS, more DYNAMISM, more COMPLEXITY, more ADAPTABILITY, and of course, more BEAUTY.

The shape of things to come will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before! Why? Because what will be shaping those things is this new partnership between technology, nature, and humanity.

That to me, is a future well worth looking to.

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