ArtiBot – 100% Free AI-Enabled Chat Bot for WordPress and Other Websites

As a self-described technology nerd, specifically for cutting-edge SaaS platforms, I may have more apps (mobile and desktop) and chrome extensions than most would consider healthy. Though I have a pretty good understanding of what separates a good, bad and ugly app.

Anything that utilizes AI, I’ll go out of my way to test it out… even if I’m not the ideal customer. That’s what led me to discovering and testing out this little gem.

Meet It’s a 100% free website #chatbot that you can use to start collecting leads in less than 5 minutes. Here’s the list of features Arti Bot can do:

✅ Collect leads icon
✅ Capture leads
✅ Schedule appointments icon
✅ Book appointments
✅ Accept payments icon
✅ Accept payments

I must say this app is one of the few that are worthy of me taking to Facebook and sharing an unsolicited recommendation.

If you have a website and don’t already use a chatbot, well good luck keeping up with those who do. This particular chatbot works great with WordPress websites. Though I have some websites I made though Wix which has now integrated into their offering a whole suite of features, including chatbot technology.

And like most use cases of AI, Arti Bot does all this 24/7 and at no cost to you. Think you can’t use a chatbot bc it’s too complicated? Is your brain going into technology overload at mention of the word chatbot? Well I’m here to tell you once you overcome your irrational thoughts, that of you can text from your phone, then you over qualified to use a chatbot. Cause in essence, that’s exactly what it’s doing. It’s just performing the task you do with a text yet only with a person you don’t know and most likely at a time that you aren’t available to text. That’s all it is. So calm down grandma! Don’t let the techie nerds bully ya too hard.

I pay attention to the on-boarding and installation process of any technology I utilize. I want to know how difficult it will be for me to go from what I’m accustomed to doing to reach the outcome which the new tech claims to do, to changing over to utilizing said tech to reach the same outcome. The point here is the outcome is the primary variable I hold above even my own fascination with cool tech. An app may be cool, but if I can’t get to the desired outcome in less time or at less cost than other mediums, what’s the point?

Here with the Arti Bot, the set up is as minimal as damn near creating a FB account is. But if you really don’t trust yourself but want to give it a try, the app’s developers will set the app up for you and even custom configure to achieve your desired outcomes for $99. You can’t shake a stick at that kind of personalization. That’s a price point that I dare claim isn’t even covering a full hour of a developer’s time these days. That should be another testament to just how easy trying out the Arti Bot really is.

Or hey, you can call me and I’ll charge you $149 to set it up. I’ll simply outsource to the original developers as described bc I won’t pretend I know anything about their software that they don’t (as it relates to customer integrations). The difference is I’ll add a personal touch and agree to hold your hand during the process and help calm your nerves during the entire 5 min process. If that’s of value, let me know. Im here to help anyone I can as well as I’ll never turn down an opportunity to make money doing something which requires little effort on my end.

I hope this longer than normal use of a FB status is of value to someone. I know I can’t be the only tech nerd out there who enjoys learning about new apps. Or at least for my sake, I hope I’m not. 😉

❌ Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with the developers of Arti Bot nor do I get anything in return for making wiring this status (no affiliate code hidden anywhere) other than the satisfaction that I’m not the only tech nerd out there. Though even if I am the only one, that’s ok. I still like this app and this is my social media profile… so no harm in using my FB as a platform to pontificate about my subjective interests.

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