Microsoft Wins DoD’s Secretive $10B JEDI “War Cloud” Contract Over Amazon

In face of resistance and an open letter from their employees, I’m surprised Microsoft even continued their bid on the DoD’s secretive $10B JEDI “war cloud” contract, much less beating out Amazon who was the clear leader during all testing rounds. Yet here we are. Obviously Microsoft has some ace up their sleeve that the public isn’t aware of.

This provides insight into Microsoft’s A.I. Principles, especially regarding the violent application of powerful A.I. technology. As DoD Chief Management Officer John H. Gibson II clearly explained, saying the intent of the JEDI program as saying, “We need to be very clear. This program is truly about increasing the lethality of our department.

To be completely clear, and as assumed given it’s the DoD who is the client, the purpose is to kill our enemy. This is not some butterfly and rainbows application that’s being discussed.

I am all in favor of a maintaining as lethal of a military as we can muster in order to deter those who wish us harm from doing anything further than wishing. I have been to combat. More than once and got the tee shirt. So believe me, I am in full support of protecting our war fighters and ensuring they come home and I pray this objective is achieved by all.

Though I find it telling that Microsoft entered this scene. As a a consumer, this is my most recent and current experience with Microsoft.

Friday: spent 6 hrs with tech support trying to uninstall and reinstall Office 365 products. After being notified there was an error whenever I’d open any office app and trying the default repair settings in vain, I called. 6 hours in trying to install, even the technician who had remote control of my desktop asked if it was ok if they disconnected and gave me a link to rejoin once the installation finished. Soon after they disconnected, installation froze and I decided to hell with office products. I have survived using Google suite, though with a lot less bells and whistles than Microsoft products, long enough to not have to accept their product offering as my only option.

• Friday (same day): spent all day trying to uninstall any Microsoft product from my desktop that wasn’t absolutely required. Every attempt failed and I accomplished nothing but did manage to get so frustrated I hit my keyboard with the intentions of not caring if I broke the entire cpu. Surprisingly, the cpu restarted when I hit it and then I had no problem removing any apps from my hard drive. Guess there is logic in that whole concept with grandma’s tv where you got to smack it on the side from time to time.

Right now: After uninstalling office products I found a lot of older apps I no longer use and decided to get rid of them and free up some space. That led me to browse the Microsoft App Store to see if there were any apps which could be of value. After browsing for longer than I care to admit (App Stores of all kinds is a tech nerds shopping mall and like most, I like to window shop if only to know what’s out there). After I clicking to download the few that made the final cut, I noticed I didn’t see the notification they had been installed. Come to find out, none of the apps were installing. Instead, they are just sitting in my Microsoft account label “ready to be installed.” I’ve reset every setting I can including the Microsoft store itself, and I’ve cleared every cache possible. Nothing helps. I’m now sitting in line to be connected with a live agent via the link I was given yesterday when I lost 6 hours dealing with Microsoft issues. My screen states I am number 1 in line to be connected. I have sat here so long my screen saver has appeared 10 times and each time I quickly touch the keypad to bring the screen back to life so I don’t get disconnected and lose my number 1 spot in line.

The point in this diatribe is clear Microsoft has moved on from the days of giving any attention or concern for their personal products and the people who use them. Instead, they’ve set their sights on higher level actives such as as sucking on the government’s tit and winning the contracts abbreviated with a “B” that come along with that particular tit.

Amazon, I can’t apologize that you lost the bid in that I am not aware of what was shared during the testing rounds. But I will say I understand you are still the clear leaders in many technology-based fields and I admire how you maintain your enterprise offerings and balance them with your personal suite and services you offer the everyday commoner like myself. It’s quite the balancing act indeed. Though you may have been beat in the last minute, I can assure you the public is still behind you and appreciative for not forgetting about us.

Source: In a victory over Amazon, Microsoft wins $10B Pentagon JEDI cloud contract