Introducing the World’s First Private Key Encrypted Blockchain Trading Fund

As much as I embrace cryptocurrencies and the disruption to the status quo that come with them, I am not a fan of having numerous price trackers installed via Chrome extensions, desktop apps and mobile apps to notify me of what’s going on in the marketplace. For starters, the problem with crypto, like with most things when it comes to a solid long-term investment, is that the majority of what’s available is nothing more than garbage that won’t last more the 1-2 days in the spotlight.

With that said, I am glad to have stumbled across AMFEIX – the first blockchain fund. Here’s the information according to their website:

“Our indefinitely scalable investment fund is solving one of the most limiting and long-due issues of the current investment market without any compromise.

We are the only global blockchain investment fund – The fund operates with strict risk management procedures to ensure that enough consecutive trades can be fulfilled in order to maintain an overall positive return. The capital of the fund that is not traded is securely stored in multiple Ledger cold wallets, which keeps the security standards at the highest levels as we aim to protect our clients from any possible inconvenience.”

For those who aren’t moved by words but rather prefer to let numbers do the talking (since it’s investments we are talking about), here is how AMFEIX has performed in 2019.