Novel AI System Can Predict Seizures with 99.6% Accuracy an Hour Before They Occur

In our ever quest to understand and face our collective fear of the unknown, we have been most successful when we were able to take from what we know to be true now through events of the past and interpret this information in a manner which provides us predictive insights into what the future looks like.

This is an example of such research and glimpse into what the future may have in store for us. If the prediction here turns out to be true, then it’s an phenomenal discovery that really moves the needle forward and improves the human condition.

To the 50M people around the world who have epilepsy and are directly impacted by the results and many implications of this this discovery, and to all those who understand the sheer depths of the pain and suffering people who experience seizures are facing, I pray this research and it’s findings are able to serve as a beacon of light at the end of the tunnel to indicate the end of your time suffering draws near.

Any research which yields such an overwhelming degree of certainty is as safe to use as the basis of an assumption for the future as anything can be.

I’m aware we aren’t perfect beings and that everything we do doesn’t always lead to such positive results. The reality is we each have the pre-formulated ideas we already hold, on pretty much any/every topic, to contend with.

Yet I suspect many of those beliefs aren’t based on assumptions which can’t yield similar results… or probably anywhere close if we’re being blatantly honest with ourselves.

Again, this is a positive phenomenon and I applaud all who’ve contributed to the effort thus far.

The future looks bright indeed! 🌞


Two researchers at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have developed a new AI-powered model that can predict the occurrence of seizures up to one hour before onset with 99.6 percent accuracy.

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