Open Letter to the NFL and Handful of Media Giants

Dear NFL and the handful of media giants,

I admire how y’all survived the shit show that followed Kaepernick’s act of kneeling on account of making a personal statement he felt needed attention… albeit committing this act while in uniform and thus bringing you along for the ride. ✊

You were able to withstand whatever hate those who opposed his actions brought because ultimately there was still enough demand and interest in your services. Which for the record your “service” is broadcasting grown adults play a sport that damn near every school across America lets their students play. 💯

Also, these adults get compensated very well for their ability to play this game at such a high level given they capture the attention of so many. 💰

Yet I do have one request and point for your consideration. If you want to maintain that same level of demand and interest which allowed you to be who you are today, can you for the love of all that is holy do a better job at scheduling who gets prime time attention? 🥴

This year, the majority of games that were given the Sunday, Monday and Thursday night solo spots have been 1 of 2 matchups. 👇

• Completely lopsided according to Vegas odds pregame

• A battle between trailer parks in two trash teams competing for who can make the least mistakes.

I understand neither the NFL nor media conglomerates have a crystal ball allowing you to look into the future and know which teams are good, bad and ugly at the time of making the schedules. 👀

Yet if anything like this year and the sheer volume of pathetic games happens again, can someone please take some kind of logical response in the interest of ensuring our short attention spans stay engaged long enough to make it to the next week? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Isn’t someone in your upper echelons connected enough to include mafia-like connections in their circles of influence who at the very least could do some sort of “rigging” that would result in leveling the playing field a little more? 🤔

Maybe that’s not the most professional recommendation, but anything at this point is welcomed as an alternative to this year’s performance. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Seriously, throughout the many scandals and storms I’ve lived though and witnessed the NFL manage, I can’t ever say I was bored. Unfortunately, this year has not only brought on feelings of boredom, but the degree to which these feelings are present are at this point insulting. 😬

To answer the gladiator’s triumphant shouts to crowd, “No, I’m not entertained.” You can surely do better. To quote my preferred flavor of NFL team’s head coach, #DoYourJob.

I’m off my soapbox… for now.


A depressingly bored subscriber

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