New England Patriots: “Team of the Decade”

1 in 10’s

With five Super Bowl trips, three championships, 10 division titles *and* nine playoff byes, the Patriots’ success during the 2010s was unprecedented by almost any measure.

2019 Season

Wild Card Press Conference

Tom Brady addressed the media after the Patriots Wild Card loss to the Titans.

Photo Gallery


Randy Moss, Rex Ryan, Tedy Bruschi and Matt Hasselbeck discuss the chances of Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots or retiring. Moss says the Patriots need to acquire better offensive weapons for Brady to utilize. Rex Ryan agrees and chimes in that the Patriots are better off keeping Brady and getting rid of everyone else.

Bill Belichick On Patriots Loss To Titans, Tom Brady Retirement
Matthew Slater On What It Means To Play With Tom Brady
Ben Watson On Retirement: “Probably Won’t Be Playing At All.”
Bill Belichick On Patriots Making The Playoffs

2020 Opponents

The regulars in the East plus a lot of time out West.

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