“Smoke what?” is a reply that’s led to good friendships

If I’m being honest, those who when asked “Do you smoke” respond “Smoke what?” have turned out to be some really good friends who’ve stood the test of time.

Even though we meet in the shadows, it’s nice to have a group, any group, you can take your mask (partially) off around… no matter the setting we just escaped from and how civilized/refined the people are pretending to be.

I’m not taking away from any “stoner” but my personal favorite has been attending otherwise higher end festivities where everybody is on their best behavior bc the Jones are present. I absolutely love when I discover someone in this setting who responds as above bc despite any social status, responding “Smoke what?” is an international call sign of like minds.

Once we finish inhaling the good shit and exhaling the bullshit, we put our masks back on and return to the light we just snuck away from. The chats I’ve shared with people in those hidden moments have been some of the most lasting.


To you old skool conservatives, save your bootlicking, emperor-loving sermons against marijuana bc as I see it, the most dangerous aspect of the drug is getting caught with it. How about if ya don’t like it then don’t ingest it, but mind ya business while doing so.

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