My Favorite Age Is Now

If they found the fountain of youth I wouldn’t drink a drop.

I want to thank everyone who has reached out today to wish me a happy birthday.

I started the morning slow watching American Hustle with the hounds. I checked my phone circa 10 AM and saw that I have 117 notifications on Linkedin from people sending me a birthday message.

117 on Linkedin, really? I may not be a celebrity, but I think that’s pretty good for a country boy from the Appalachian mountains making his way in the big city of our nation’s capital.

As for Facebook, I think my friends broke it. I discovered the Facebook app only counts notifications up to 99. After which, it just shows the + sign. The odd thing is no one can comment on my wall. For someone to wish me a happy birthday, they have to go one step further and either leave a comment on a previous post or send a message. I see my friends felt the day was worth the extra step.

As a result, I’ve felt the love in droves today.

For their love they’ve shown on me on my day celebrating another successful trip around the sun, I am forever humbled and thankful.