Advocates for America’s Smallest & Most Often Assaulted Minority, the Individual

Have you ever referred to yourself as being “fiscally conservative yet socially liberal” in regards to your political preferences? If so, if you cast a vote next to a D or R, you are not only committing fraud, you are doing yourself a great disservice by perpetuating an outdated system simply bc that’s what the crown instructed you to do. In a peoples who preach freedom as a guiding light, why voluntarily subscribe to such thing?

Of course neither of the existing primary parties will accurately tell you about the Libertarian party. It’s not in their interest to do so. Instead they will ensure there’s plenty of slandering propaganda filling the airwaves for you to readily and willingly consume.

You know what you could do instead? You could unchain yourself from “lesser of two evils” bandwagon and actually investigate and decide for yourself. Since inception that’s been a novel idea, I know. But it’s still an option nonetheless to realize R and D aren’t the only ways of thinking.

To help cut through the static, here’s the page I’d start my research. It’s the Libertarian position on topics of concern among political circles today coming straight from the horse’s mouth.

The Preamble alone gets my blood flowing. I challenge you to give it a review and have a heart to heart with yourself and see to what degree you do and don’t align.

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