“Spiteful Confiscation” Gun Law Passed by Virginia Senate

In a party line vote, Virginia Senate has just passed the red flag bill 21-19… introducing what we like to call Spiteful Confiscation.

This bill touts safety as its primary cause yet peeling back the onion a tad further and no where in the bill does it explain how safety is reached. Instead, there’s a plethora of clear language on how the state plans to enforce their will on the 91 of 95 counties in Virginia who have passed 2A sanctuary resolutions. When 91 of 95 localities are against what the capitol is trying to do, how can they pretend it’s the will of the people?

This bill will allow the government to confiscate the weapons of anyone deemed a threat or anyone under any circumstance someone else just doesnt like, without due process of law or a warrant, officers can no knock enter a home and take every weapon inside while placing citizen under arrest.

  • Facebook posts can lead to red flag seizure.
  • Yard signs can lead to red flag seizure.
  • Disgruntled neighbor can lead to red flag seizure.
  • Name calling can lead to red flag seizure.
  • Militia Association can lead to red flag seizure.
  • Facebook group association can lead to red flag seizure.
  • Videos on youtube can lead to red flag seizure.
  • Items purchased online that they suspect MIGHT could be something…can lead to red flag seizure.

And the list continues. Anything that can be painted as a POSSIBLE danger (even with law abiding people) can be on this list.

Again, how is disarming law abiding citizens making anyone safer? If you’re going to pass a law on the grounds of something, I’d hope you’d be able to articulate how the law achieves it.

The facts are clear, the only ones with weapons now in Virginia are the criminals. And criminals follow laws (by definition) like politicians follow their oath.

Don’t you feel safer already?

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