America’s Morality: Youth Allowed To Risk Death Fighting Cesar’s Enemies But Not Authorized To Make Unhealthy Purchases

Governments can’t help but legislate morality. Telling us what is right and what is wrong based off the general consensus and understanding at the time is how the majority of governments (if not all) exist and subsequently derive their power.

Let it be clear however, society is not always right. If only one person speaks the truth when the mob speaks otherwise makes the individual’s voice no less true nor the echos en mass no more correct.

When we live in a modern era of alleged evolved/advanced intelligence, defining someone who is arguably only harming themselves (slowly compounded overtime) as a criminal yet allowing them to become contract assasins and risk life and limb fighting against a never ending list of seemingly illusive and geopolitical enemies which our government deems not worthy of life as opportune is completely asinine.

The lesson is we are free to die defending Caesar against his enemies, but we must not dare make decisions the crown’s advisors deem unhealthy.

That’s clearly a display of the degree to which us human types are real intellectual powerhouses and evolved beings.