Fire The Government and Bring Back The Mob

Since we must always submit ourselves to and be managed by some superior authority, I’d much rather trust a “Godfather” led organization for management than I would a government bureaucracy.

Why? One isn’t lying about who they are.

Also, one’s family driven whereas the other could care less if I lived or died. I’m simply a free range human living in a colossal tax farm under the government’s lead and care.

  • Mob: You harm one, you harm the family.
  • Gov: You harm one, we charge you for filing a complaint and then throw the other in a cage and bill you for their room and board.

Either way, I’m going to have to pay my dues. That much is evident. Whether it’s church, the government, or the mob, a percentage of what I’ve earned must go to the pot for general good. At least the mob will follow through and provide services should I need them and those services will actually address my needs, when I need them.

Haven’t we learned anything from Vegas? They begged to get the mob out. The government cracked down and got rid of the mob and subsequently took over sin city’s management. Now, Vegas is pleading to bring the mob back.

“Under new management” ain’t ever a positive phenomenon when it’s the govt who’s taken control.