Satan Incarnate: The Religion of Statism

The religion of statism has done more to destroy humanity than anything else in history.

I pledge no allegiance to Caesar, crown or man-made institution or fabric representing the ideology thereof and find the notion that I’m obligated to do so based solely off of a decision I didn’t make such as the place of my birth to be as hypocritical towards the notion of freedom as anything can be.

I fought overseas, yes. I did not fight for a piece of cloth. I fought for the ideals of freedom, and directly speaking, the person to my left and to the my right because they were and would continue to do the same for me.

While in service, I was honored to serve alongside many of the finest leaders of our day. I ate, slept, bled and mourned alongside them and was blessed to experience true leadership so up close and personal. As I look at those who many cite as being our supposed leaders, I’m hard pressed to find a single soul I’d personally follow from here to the mailbox, let alone put my trust or faith in.

Don’t take the notion of patriotism and confuse it with idolatry and blind faith.

As I watch videos from the leaders all around the world, there seems to be a growing sense of patriotism being touted by all — a “we are better than “x” mindset” is gaining momentum around the world and I fear for what will come should we ever bump into one another in the hallway.

My heart aches for humanity for if history is any indication of what’s yet to come, it will only get worse before it ever gets better. There is nothing I can add or substract that hasn’t been already.

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” 🙏

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