Month: March 2020

Existence Is Quite Weird

It has become extremely plausible, in our culture, that this trip between the maternity ward and the crematorium is what there is to life. And we still have going into our common sense the 19th century myth, which succeeded the ceramic myth in Western history – I call it “The […]

Talk Charcoal To Me

Charcoal isn’t something I usually ever give much thought to. That was until a page I follow on Facebook shared a post with the headline “What The Scientists Won’t Tell You About Charcoal.” As I read further, I’m not positive the headline is entirely accurate because “scientists” aren’t necessarily to […]

In The Midst Of A World Crisis My Faith In Humanity Is Being Restored

Left: this is all Trump’s fault. He’s a monster.Right: Trump is handling this perfectly. He’s the messiah.World: same thing but with their political flare. STAAAHHHPPP already. We’ve (specifically private sector if we must pound our chests and stroke egos) solved how many viruses and diseases before? Why should this one […]