In The Midst Of A World Crisis My Faith In Humanity Is Being Restored

Left: this is all Trump’s fault. He’s a monster.
Right: Trump is handling this perfectly. He’s the messiah.
World: same thing but with their political flare.


We’ve (specifically private sector if we must pound our chests and stroke egos) solved how many viruses and diseases before? Why should this one be any different? It’s only a matter of time before those brilliant brains of ours crack the code. We’ve done it countless times before, and I bet we’ll do it again. Humans are divinely talented capable of great miracles when we want to be.

Trying to see the good through the fog of war, the point I want to highlight is the first time in any of our lifetimes, the entire world is united together behind a common cause. Only great things can happen when such a phenomenon occurs.

In the meantime, tell the govt to get out of the way and keep rolling back all the red tape they’ve added over time and I assure you someone somewhere will discover a breakthrough. Then we’ll be able to get back to status quo and worrying what the kardashians are up to. But can we stop with the back and forth tennis match of partisan politics for once and appreciate that humanity has for once become a single entity. This is much larger than any political party, country, or whatever other niche group we are so stuck in identifying and labeling things by.

In the end, let’s all have hope in our own greatness that is the human potential and pray that we channel the God within us in which we were each modeled after.

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