Make America Trap Again

MAGA is generally a flawed philosophy. The same people who support the orange man and wear their red hats to prove it will also boast we are the greatest country. So which is it, do we need to made great again or are we already great? Can you understand how this is confusing?

It should be confusing because after all the slogan is a political mantra used by a business minded mogul who may have never been a politician prior to leading the free world, but he was a media master at controlling the narrative. As seen evident over his years in office as the rats pour from the swamp to attack him, he’s able to whip a defense and handle their futile attacks wave after wave. MAGA is simply a propagandist battle cry used to mobilize a herd behind him. MAGA is well crafted message for a politician running for office more than it is a matter of fact. It would help if during this MAGA talk people referenced the time(s) they were referring to by the “again” part. That’s usually left out though.

I’ll agree that there isn’t another country I’d rather be in, but America doesn’t need to be made what it already is. In my opinion, America needs to learn to trap again. We need to get back to our anti-tyranny roots and start flipping discontent with the status quo and slinging freedoms like it’s 1776 again.

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