How To Understand Being According To Rebbe Nachman

When you pick the apple from the tree, remember your umbilical cord to your mother was cut. When you remember a candle is lit with fire, remember when you were in the womb developing through nature’s spark of life. When your stomach is empty of food, remember the womb you came into was once empty.

When the seed is first planted in the soil, remember the seed you were between your father and mother. When you first see the seed in the bag before you take it out and plant it, remember you were once just a non-tangible thought. You were in your father’s blood flow. And the smells, thoughts, sights, sounds, tastes, feelings, experiences, and memories your father had as you were in him were the flowing of his spirit.

And in your father’s every breath, you were of the universe’s ocean, a drop in the sea as soul. So your father was once in his father, and his father in his to the beginning, when there was nothing at all, not even a thought.

What was there beyond all psychology, philosophy, science, thought, feeling, sensation, intuition, memory, and imagination? Do you wish to say all these faculties once were not and just magically came to be? Remember, underneath all you say you are, this nothingness, this void is who you really are. What circumstances and experiences guided this void to become who you see yourself as now? Do you really think you are your own master now? Do you really think you are the one really in control now?

You wear so many layers even when you are totally naked, do you not?

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