“The Professor” (Feat. Johnny Depp) Reminds Us Life Is Precious

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this movie as much as I did. It was initially chosen only to be a background. I respect Johnny Depp in how deep he can go into characters so decided this movie would do.

15 minutes in I found myself standing and staring like a statue in front of a tv that I shouldn’t have been that close to while telling my bladder to keep quite. I didn’t want to miss anything and feared hitting the pause button would disrupt the movie’s flow.

Pirates of the Caribbean may not be one of my personal favorites, but I must say Johnny Depp makes for one hell of a Professor.

Now as the ending credits are playing I find myself asking deep existential questions such as if I was given only 6 months to live, would I be doing what I am now? These are the questions I like to think about and continually ask myself but because life all too easily becomes systematic and routine, I lose sight of and forget to ask.

I pray we all are able to live and enjoy more moments conscious of life’s fragility. For it is in those moments we are able to see more vivid beauty and divine light shine through where otherwise we were blind and only able to see dark nothingness.