How Many People Would Follow Jesus Today?

This pandemic has exposed a large majority of the bible thumping crowd as nothing more than a bunch of scared fools whose faith is as significant as the oil spot in my driveway. That is to say their faith is built on a foundation of sand and not rock. I dare say the oil spot could withstand far more than their faith if challenged.

I see far too many act as biblical scholars who in reality wouldn’t know God if He confronted them. They seemingly cling to their perverse misinterpretations of the divine as a means to justify their feelings of righteous superiority and for whatever reason believe their interpretation is law.

When Jesus was here on earth with the message “Come follow me”, only 12 people followed. As the scriptures so plainly details, one of those followers later freaked on Jesus. I dare say that if Jesus was to return today with the same message “Come follow me”, he would gather significantly less followers. At least from the West because we have a car loan, house loan, student loan, vacation home loan, etc. The point is we are mortgaged for 45 years.

Even if something miraculous happened like the 2nd coming of Christ, far too many couldn’t change the path they are on and redirect to follow Christ. To not have the ability to change course at-will and for whatever rationale one decides, that is the life of a slave is it not?

If I’m headed in one direction and then something happens which leads me to desire another path, I should be free to do so correct? The answer is obviously yes but for whatever reason(s), if Jesus came today, whether to Mount Olive as foretold or the United States as some are now arguing, we could not follow because first we’d have to go to the bank.

I won’t claim I’m a Christian, fully. At least not by the standard given by the preacher my neck of the woods blessed the world with, the late Billy Graham. I can however with full conscience and deep conviction say I am *of* the Christian faith.

Let’s all relax a bit with using current events as an opportunity to shout our end-of-times prophecies pretending any of us are ready for such. The point is clear, if the end of days truly does draw near, we each have quite a bit of homework to do that’s far more significant than trying to scare the shit out of our neighbors into blind or misguided salvation.