JFK’s Address Before The American Newspaper Publishers Association (April 27, 1961)

“An error does not become a mistake until we refuse to correct it.”

I’m glad that not only one President had great speech writers, but more importantly, that he could stick to it as well as deliver it so eloquently.

In the course of my own research and reading and listening to scripts directly from JFK, I’m of the opinion that it’s a shame I couldn’t hear him deliver one of the speeches like the one he delivered to the American Newspaper Publishers Association (script) because from what I gather, he could surely turn a phrase and deliver a message with the very best of em.

In JFK’s day, America was at war against an enemy like it’d never seen. This new enemy didn’t fire missiles or appear in the headlines, instead it remained in the shadows. The enemy is what we would now call the invisible hand of the elites which are pulling the strings.

The line between truth and conspiracy often isn’t as clear as it should be, but I know JFK was very open in his disinterest of secret societies which operate and influence from behind the scenes as well as his intent to bust the CIA into infinitesimal pieces. (I’m not sure those thoughts are entirely connected…)

Oh where are the JFK-Democrats of present? I fear that as soon as JFK took his last breath, if not sooner, Karl Marx-ism and similar schools of thought have been invading and perverting the blue party at an alarming rate. Presently, the party of progressives is not interested in progressing anything other than its quest to gorge up totalitarian power.

I can’t say either party is really completely innocent of desiring totalitarian control as it appears both political parties of our time are seemingly socialist who ONLY argue how to spend the taxpayer’s money.

It is a shame to hear from the horse’s mouth what was, and in the scheme of things, not in the too distant past, and compare that to where we are.

I’ll close with I agree with JFK. The public deserves to know and the press should also understand when the 1st amendment is subordinate to national security (as the SCOTUS has routinely ruled).

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