Military-Level Accountability Needed To End Police Immunity

Someone I am connected to on Facebook recently responded to my recent post citing they were confused how I could be a Marine and yet not be in 100% support of how our police are reacting to the events of late. I was taken back by this confusion since after all the police and the Marines are two different entities. Maybe there is a lot of overlap in many ways, but they are still different organizations in the same way that an apple and orange are both fruits, but not exactly identical.

Sometime after the exchange this person and I shared in the comment section, a page I follow called Veterans for Libertarianism shared a post by Tucker Stewart with the added caption, “Great point.

As both a Marine and self-described bleeding heart Libertarian, after reading Tucker’s post I too agree that it is a great point which points out that despite any similarities between police and military, they are in fact drastically different entities in how they are managed and operated.

Tucker’s post was as follows:

“Stole the this concept from someone else, but I’ll tweak it and put my 2 cents on top of it….

You see Billy badass Marine right here? With his big ass dip in his lip, 50lbs of bullshit on, a rifle, and a face that screams “I’m tired, I’m dirty, and I’m over this shit”?

Why is it this plowhorse of a Marine can detain someone in a combat zone without beating him, or killing him? Why is it that this pissed off, overworked, sleep deprived, likely stressed and hungry grunt can detain someone due course of a war, and not mistreat, abuse, maim, wound, or kill them?

I’ll tell you why: Accountability.

How many stories have you heard of a soldier or Marine sent to prison for shooting the wrong person in a combat zone?

Why is it that every time a soldier or Marine discharges their weapon in a COMBAT ZONE a 15-6 investigation is launched, sworn statements are written and reviewed, and that soldier or Marines entire future is on the line?

Every Combat Soldier, and Marine, knows that if they don’t do the right thing (and sometimes even if they do) they’re facing hefty repercussions.

On the flip side of that, how many times has a police officer drew their weapon on someone for no reason? Because they’re scared? With zero consequence?

How many times has a police officer shot and killed someone when it was wholly unnecessary and could have been avoided? And how many times have those things been swept under the rug, brushed aside, covered up, and nothing happened?

WHY do we have soldiers and Marines, overseas, in combat zones, shackled with overly strict ROE and expected to use discretion and act as police? Soldiers and Marines who have spent their time and efforts training learning how to KILL… And then we hammer their ass when they do?

Yet, we have police officers and deputies here in the US, who have spent their time and efforts learning how to avoid killing, how to diffuse situations, and how to detain people. They seem to think they’re soldiers instead of police.And every time they KILL someone, excuses are made and punishments are avoided!?!!

Can anyone answer that question for me?

And don’t come at me with “it’s a stressful job being a cop, you don’t understand.” You know what’s more stressful than being a cop? Being a 19yr old kid, in a country you were sent to, with people actively trying to kill you, and having to second guess and stress and worry about shooting back and going to prison.

Something about all of this is terribly terribly wrong.

We expect our military members to act like police… Yet we make excuses for and cover for our police acting like they’re soldiers in an occupying army in a foreign country, here at home.”