We Are Here & It Is Now

We are here and it is now. further than that, all human knowledge is moonshine.

H.L. Mencken

Taking the quote by late journalist H.L. Mencken as truth, I have a prophecy of sorts.

Despite whatever fuss we get ourselves into or whatever Jim Jones we decide to support, we are in fact not living in what generation after generation of righteously superior Bible thumpers cite as the Revelations.

That is to say that regardless of how important, ignorant, or intelligent us who live on this floating rock under the city of the sun are led to believe we are, despite our best/worst efforts the world will keep turning long after each one of us presently among the living have returned to nothingness.

As Alan Watts so well phased, the “eternal now” will continue as it has. Why wouldn’t it?

If this prophecy doesn’t age well, then it’s a moot point given no one will be able to uncover this post from the archives and shove it difiantly in my face as if doing so makes them enlightened and feel a sense of transcendent nirvana.

In the meantime, let’s not let the fear mongering overwhelm us to the point we forget that life, as it has been, is as it should be. That is to say, let’s never lose our ability to stop and smell the roses. The entire cosmos as well as life itself exists for no other reason than for you to experience and enjoy it.

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously over that which God made for fun. #WhySoSerious

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