11 Takeaways for Founders from ESPN’s The Last Dance

David Sacks, General Partner of Craft Ventures, noted 11 takeaway lessons for founders in Be Like Mike: What Founders Can Learn from The Last Dance.”

  1. Expect to be underestimated.
  2. A missing piece of #talent can bring it all together.
  3. You can’t do it alone, no matter how great you are.
  4. Tolerate eccentricity if it helps you win.
  5. The team wants to be pushed.
  6. The path to greatness can be a lonely road.
  7. Choose equity in yourself over the security of an established brand.
  8. Avoid drama.
  9. Keep it pure.
  10. “Overnight success” takes time.
  11. When you find the winning formula, press it – and keep winning.