Put Libertarian Candidate Jo Jorgensen On All Presidential Ballots

I want a new kind of candidate. I want to give America a chance to make a better decision.

If there’s only one plug I could give for Libertarian candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen, it’s that #ShesWithUs.

That is why I would like to see her on every presidential ballot in the United States come November. Please sign this petition to help make that happen.

Supporting this petition may or may not be popular. But I dare say ensuring the opinion of a frustrated minority is at least given a fair chance to be heard is as American as anything else is.

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Visit https://t.co/TMy0QRQXEd and become a grassroots supporter today. .#TeamJo pic.twitter.com/YzX0EQxjE2

— Jo Jorgensen (@Jorgensen4POTUS) June 18, 2020

Check out https://t.co/TMy0QRQXEd for more information on different ways you can support the campaign. #votegold #teamjo

— Jo Jorgensen (@Jorgensen4POTUS) June 3, 2020