Say “No” to Gov. Northam’s Cigar Ca$h Grabs

As you are aware, there have been numerous attacks on the retail tobacconists of Virginia and our customers. Smoking bans, taxation, and a general infringement on the ability of our customers to enjoy the products we offer are now a reality in the state of Virginia. 

As VA Cigar Shops across the commonwealth face unprecedented challenges to survive the national pandemic, Governor Northam has decided to pile on and target VA Cigar Shops by refusing to remove a 100% cigar and pipe tobacco tax increase in his state budget. We have asked, we have offered solutions, but we are told no.

In response to these attacks, the Cigar Association of Virginia (CAV) has been formed as a political action committee for the retail tobacconists, our customers, and others that have an interest in the products we sell and the businesses that we run.

We need everyone to contact the Governor now. Tell him to stop attacking VA cigar shops. Tell him NO to the cigar tax increase!

Use this link to send an email to the Governor:
Use this link to sign the petition:

Open Letter to Governor Northam

As a premium cigar consumer and Virginia resident, I am writing to you today to ask that you not support Governor Northam’s proposal to increase the rate of taxation on premium cigars by 100 percent.

Dramatic increases in the taxation on tobacco products will negatively affect my ability as a consumer to enjoy a legal adult product.  This irresponsible tax increase, especially during these sensitive economic times, will hurt local small business premium cigar shops and encourage cigar shop patrons to seek other avenues for purchase where the taxes are lower.

Governor Northam’s proposal is an egregious attempt at over taxation and will negatively affects jobs and small businesses in Virginia and will drive premium cigar purchases out of state resulting in zero revenue collection for the Commonwealth.

I respectfully ask that you oppose Governor Northam’s proposal.

Stop Attacking Virginia Cigar Shops!

Please help support our local cigar lounges by not allowing Gov. Northam to slip this Tax Bill for an increase during a nation wide pandemic. Cigars are helping us keep our sanity during this time of isolation. Now is NOT the time for a Money Grab Mr. Governor!