8 Quotes in C.G. Jung’s Red Book about the Devil

“The devil always seeks to saw off the branch on which you sit. That is useful and protects you from falling asleep and all the vices that go along with it.”

“Don’t you recognize me brother, I am Joy!”

“That strange joy of the world that comes unsuspected like a warm southerly wind with swelling fragrant blossoms and the ease of living. It picks up men like a wave and drives them forth. Whoever tastes this joy forgets himself. And there is nothing sweeter than forgetting oneself.”

“When I saw that the devil is joy, surely I would have wanted to make a pact with him. But you can make no pact with joy, because it immediately disappears.”

“The devil is an evil element. But joy? If you run after it, you see that joy has evil in it, since then you arrive at pleasure and from pleasure go straight to Hell, your own particular Hell, which turns out differently for everyone.”

“Nothing is more valuable to the evil one than his eye, since only through his eye can emptiness seize gleaming fullness. Because the emptiness lacks fullness, it craves fullness and its shining power. And it drinks it in by the means of the eye.”

“The devil knows what is beautiful, and hence he is the shadow of beauty and follows it everywhere, awaiting the moment when the beautiful, seeks to give life to God.”

“If your beauty grows, the dreadful worm will also creep up you, waiting for its prey.”