Get Out Of Your Own Way

Do you speak only that which you want to put into the universe?

The greatest listener is the cosmos, universe, God, or whatever name you want to call it, but it’s remained with us since the beginning and hears our every thought, and more importantly, conspires in our favor.

You woke up this morning didn’t you? That’s the only example needed because if you start backtracking you won’t get too far before realizing you might not have for an increasing amount of reasons. Yet here we are.

Where the mind goes, the body follows.

Too often we subscribe to thinking the problem is external to the point extending one’s arm and index finger pointing to someone else has almost become instinctive. That is to say it is all too predictable behavior and if any consciousness is present, it’s equal to that of a calculator. Despite our systematic routine lives and our newspaper brains filled with regurgitated thoughts, we are human beings not calculators.

For the betterment of yourself, stop looking for why others are wrong and being surprised you find more of that which you seek. If you look for negative, you can certainly expect to find it.

Take Control of Your Reality

We each are a divine spark of creation capable beyond any limitations. All that is required for you to reach beyond your wildest desires is recognition (conscious awareness) that you are in fact in control and organization (pattern of behavior).

You are not lost. You belong here. You have the power that created it all flowing beneath your veins. So use it! From here forward, start your day with a positive affirmation, “I am moving towards all my goals and I have everything I need to do so.”

Speak your reality and demand the universe deliver. If you do you’ll find the universe has indeed be conspiring in your favor long before you became aware of it.