Let’s Talk First World Problems: Thermostat Politics

In both professional and personal environments, there seems to be much debate with what the *right* temperature setting for a thermostat is. Have we came together and agreed on a precise temperature setting for our species yet? If so, can someone forward me the cliff notes because I missed that particular meeting.

I tend to default to a smooth 72 degrees year round. I’m not sure I choose this setting based on scientific evidence as much as laziness. Whether it’s winter and the heat is on or if it’s summer and the AC is on, the temperature inside my household is set to 72 degrees the same. That requires very little conscious or physical effort on my part, and I like that as it relates.

Yet I have seen many within my network state other temperatures are preferred and go as far as saying “Anyone keeping the temperature above 70 degrees in their house is a sociopath.” Ok, maybe not everyone takes this inconclusive topic as serious as to make such a statement, but I am here to state there are those who do. Luckily for me I am connected to enough of these folks to enjoy the fireworks the subsequent ensues.

As an intrinsic debater, aka ENTP for those into the Myers-Briggs personality assessment, there is nothing I enjoy the same as the discourse of differing opinions and debate. So each time someone in my network shares content expressing such a statement, it goes without saying that I’m electing to follow that thread and leave only to refill my popcorn and drink.

Though I have stated I prefer 72 degrees and likely on account of laziness, the lady of the house and queen of the castle in which I reside prefers a little more variety, and subsequent effort by way of being conscious to changing the setting given the season. In the summer, she prefers 74 since the AC is on. Whereas in the winter when the heat is on, her preferred temperature in which she’s self-admittedly most comfortable is 72, sometimes as low as 70 (oh my!). As I think my decision is based on laziness, I tend to think hers is based on financial metrics and tangible savings. Maybe it’s based on interest in energy conservation or the like, I am not sure at this point and I am too afraid question expecting only scientific premises as rationale.

Either way, I find the differing levels of comfort comical in both my own domain as well as when others engage in this other overlooked topic which causes so much divide.

Oddly enough there as been a cold front sweep over the DC area which has made it feel like summer doesn’t think enough of us human types to even say goodbye and instead just packed his/her things and left. I hear this phenomenom is going to be short lived and I should expect the act of merely breathing to cause me to sweat if I venture outside late this week.

To take a more proactive approach and test what temperature truly is comfortable, I’ve set our thermostat to 74 degrees when this cold front first arrived (see image below taken moments ago). Our home got as low as 69 degrees and since climbed back upwards to where it is now at 72 degrees. If financial metrics is truly a motive of my lady, then I say she is going to be thrilled because I don’t recall the unit turning on once these last few days. You could say I have reached my desired temperature of 72 degrees *organically*, and I couldn’t be happier or more comfortable.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and what temperature you prefer, and if you possible, why? I understand the differences of opinion are marginal at best, yet I like the stories as told by those involved no less. What’s the point of being a first world country if you can’t enjoy debates over such trivialities with others? If you have any stories describing the war over the thermostat, please don’t keep them to yourself and do share.

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