8 Classes That Should Be Mandatory in High School

A better education starts with teaching students the skills that will have long-term benefits. Despite common misconceptions, tax forms aren’t extremely difficult to figure out. To remedy this issue, teachers need to be willing to take the time to explain the process, but that can’t happen if educators aren’t motivated to incorporate basic financial skills into curricula.⁣

Only 12 percent of elementary and high school classes currently teach forms of financial education, and 78 percent of teachers believe they need more appropriate financial curriculum, according to a 2016 study from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a tax and consulting service.⁣

“Educators see the value of teaching students to budget, prepare for the future and become better financial decision makers,” according to the same study. “But educators need more support to adequately teach these skills.”⁣

Some people argue that there are more important financial skills that should be taught in schools, like managing credit card debt or establishing a retirement plan, especially because taxes only have to be filed once a year.⁣

This may be true, but learning to do taxes not only saves time and stress, but it can save a significant amount of money over a lifetime. Paying a tax preparer for a standard 1040 form averages anywhere from $152 to $261, and possibly more depending on the form you need, according to the IRS.⁣

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